classic disney week; day 4 - favorite classic villain

captain hook - peter pan (1953)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End

Ocean Avenue
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Ocean Avenue | Yellowcard

"There’s a place off Ocean Avenue 

Where I used to sit and talk with you”

The Original 5 

Favorite Brotps | Andy & Oliver
[requested by anonymous]

"I’m on your side Andy.  I always have been."


How to kiss a girl by Jimmy Stewart. Take notes fellas. 

OMG, this is priceless!!!

Captain Sass (a.k.a Lennie Briscoe) at it again XD


Fleetwood mac - Little lies

Tell me lies, tell me sweet, little lies 

I’m don’t usually post music videos, but this one I couldn’t pass up…. pinkstarisfalling

My Nerdiness Just Skyrocketed